DIY Cleaning Solutions

In the not to distant past cleaning solutions were almost always home made. Life was very different back then, and some say it was better. But then doesn't every generation think that theirs was the best? Everybody talks about lost arts and skills from generations past and this site is my way of giving some of my knowledge of home made cleaning mixes to future generations before I pass. My name is Martha Grazier and you can read more about me here. Please enjoy this website that my grand daughter Beth Ann built for me and do try to be good to the earth. It's the only planet we've got. And if you need professional cleaning in Lexington KY please do visit Centric Carpet Cleaning. I use them and can recommend them.

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 Basic items needed for cleaning solutions

Having been born in 1930 and raised in a little town next to Lexington KY we didn't have the convenience of modern stores and their many cleaning products. So we made our own. Everything from soap to fragrances were made with what was available and used to clean our homes, business's, and even our selves. Some of the basic items we'll discuss are listed below and can be bought in bulk and stored. This allows you to make several different kinds of solutions. When you run out you can just make more.

White Vinegar

  1. A great cleaner and odor eliminator.
  2. Removes stains; use with equal pars salt or baking soda for cleaning.
  3. Kills kitchen and bathroom germs.
  4. Remarkable on cleaning inside appliances and kitchen and bath faucets.

Baking Soda

  1. Scours and deodorizes surfaces.
  2. Whitens teeth when mixed with lemon.
  3. Softens water.
  4. Can relieve sunburn or itchy skin when mixed with bath water.
  5. Use it to treat insect bites


  1. Can be used with two parts salt to clean China
  2. One parts olive oil and 2 parts lemon juice makes wood furniture polish.
  3. Strained lemon juice on freshly washed hair will make it shine.
  4. Boil filthy white cotton clothes with a slice of lemon to brighten them like new.
  5. When vacuuming carpets put a few drops of fresh lemon in bag to freshen the smell.

Corn Starch

  1. Can be used to remove stains in clothing when mixed with milk.
  2. Removes grease stains from clothing.
  3. Use for under arm odors.
  4. Mix with water to a paste and use to polish silver.
  5. Can be used to clean carpets. Mix with baking soda to deodorize.
  6. A corn starch water mix makes a great window cleaning solution.
  7. Mix with water to make your own ironing starch.

Isopropyl Alcohol

  1. Mix half n half with water to use as a disinfectant.
  2. Use to clean kitchen counter tops and sinks.
  3. Removes ink stains.
  4. Removes hair spray from mirrors.
  5. Makes a great window cleaning solution and keeps them frost free.
  6. Spray on insects to knock them out. Then just sweep them up and toss them out.